Sumba, East Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia

December 2016 and September 2017

Yes, we fell in love with Sumba! for me, a must place to visit before I die 😀


How to get there:

Sumba has two airport, there are one in waingapu, the east airport of sumba named umbu mehang kunda, theres only two airlines servicing everyday, nam air (boeing) and wings air (propeller). While the other is Tambolaka airport in tambolaka, southwest sumba. This airport larger than the one in the east, many options there (garuda indonesia, lionair, and wings air). Both of them you have to transit in bali or kupang, before flying to sumba.


This time, we managed to fly with nam air, but unfortunately they canceled the flight that we’ve booked, so we rearranged the flight from Jakarta to bali, stay in bali one night, catch up the one and only flight to waingapu on that day. So better you prepared extra time, because when you missed the flight means you missed one day. Btw, as we went to sumba twice, so let me show you the comparison between two different seasons in sumba (rainy season in December to March and dry season in July to October).


Where to go:

  1. wairinding hills – located in the east sumba, about 45 minutes driving by car from waingapu. Best time both sunrise and sunset. BEN03261


    -Wairinding hills, September 2017 –

  2. walakiri beach – located in east sumba, about 30 minutes driving by car from waingapu. Best time to visit walakiri beach in sunset while the neap tide, you can go around mangrove trees near the beach, unfortunately when we went there, the sea has a tidal wave.

    – Sunrise in Walakiri beach, December 2016 –


    – Sunset in walakiri beach, September 2017 –

  3. Prailiu village – a traditional village of sumbanese, we met Australian who got married to the son of the head of customary in east sumba who explained a lot of culture about sumba, about kain tenun ikat sumba, the motives, backgrounds and how to produce it.


    – With Umbu Jack at prailiu village, December 2016 –

  4. Puru Kambera beach – located in east sumba, best time to visit when sunrise, and you have to stop by at savannah along the way to the beach and snap one or two pictures there.

    – Sunset at Puru Kambera Beach, December 2016 – 


    – Puru kambera beach, September 2017 –


    – Savana at puru kambera, December 2016 –


    – Horses at savana puru kambera, December 2017 –

  5. Desa rende – this village was the largest village in East Sumba. We can get in touch with the culture here, as we can see the traditional houses, art & craft such as kain tenun and sumbanese jewellery, also the burial traditions in Sumba, where they built a box wrapped with kain Sumba and put the dead body in, with position like in the womb.


    – Gi was helping kids in the village building a house –

  6. Weekuri Lagoon – located in southwest sumba, about 20 minutes driving. A must place to swim and enjoy the crystal blue water. For me, the Lagoon is very magical with it’s calm water, But be careful of sea urchin and coral reef while swimming.


    – swimming in a crystal blue lagoon of weekuri –

  7. Mandorak Beach- near to weekuri lagoon, It’s a perfect place to enjoy sunset. It was a small beach with beautiful rocks, and fortunately it was only us when we go there, so its like we own the beach.


    – Catching sunset at mandorak beach –

  8. Lapopu waterfall- located in west sumba, about 1.5 hour to get there by car. When we went there, it was after the rain, the car couldn’t across the forest, so we need to walk further in slippery rocks (theres no proper pedestrian lol) and we need to across the bamboo bridge that only have maximum capacity of 2 persons. It was fun!


    – Somewhere in the jungle –

  9. Prai’ijing village – the largest village in West Sumba. The village in west has a little differences from the east. This is one of the tourist destination as the villages is very neat and well observed.


    – Praijing Village –


Where to stay:

  1. recommended hotel in waingapu is tanto hotel, near to the airport, or padadita beach resort, they’re both clean and neat.
  2. More fancy hotel at west sumba, but we stayed at sumber sejahtera hotel which recommended by our driver. I don’t really suggest this hotel, it’s not very comfortable. In West Sumba there are a lot of luxurious Resorts such as Nihiwatu, Watukaka, Etc..


Where to eat:

Actually the foods were not really good in general, we bring a lot snacks for remedy but here the best we found:

  1. Fresh seafood near harbor in east sumba, there are two famous
  2. Restaurant primadona in east sumba that serves Javanese foods, near to the airport, city center.
  3. PC corner in matawai
  4. Warungku in southwest sumba that serves Indonesian foods.
  5. Warung Se’I babi in tambolaka. (pork)


Need to know: 


– Kain Sumba and Jewellery with Women’s Womb Symbol-

  1. from east to west by car about 3 and half hours, and the roads not really good.
  2. Prepare your comfortable sandal which fits to beach, hills, or mountain.
  3. Don’t forget your sunblock, sunglass and swimsuit.
  4. Don’t forget to try cashew nuts because sumba famous for that.
  5. Don’t forget to stop by “kain tenun ikat sumba” that’s so beautiful, between east and west have a different style of kain. You can found in villages.
  6. You need to prepare entrance fee (except beaches and hills) about 20-50 thousands rupiah per group, and fill the guest book.
  7. Last but not least, never give money to the children there, give them dreams, knowledge which more important for them rather than money.


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